Welcome to Pineapple House Platforms



Welcome to Pineapple House Platforms, a new agency and platform for creative artists. Please take some time to look around, catch our vibe, and connect with us.

As working freelance artists, we know first hand how important it is to connect, collaborate, and create. Having navigated the freelance waters for over a decade now, we have experienced firsthand the ups-and-downs of working in a gig-economy.

To help creative artists like ourselves, we have combined our skills in event production, hair and makeup, art direction, booking, music touring, graphic design, talent scouting and more to create a central creative hub.

We will continue our work in weddings, music, fashion, and other creative avenues, all the while acting as an agency to introduce more  talented creatives in our community to job opportunities for each artist.

The Pineapple House (coming soon!) will house the main studio space where we will host bridal trials, music video and commercial photography, as well as our soon-to-be-famous (we hope!) photoshoot experiences.

The Pineapple House studio will host events instructed by platform artists, as well as invite the creative community to come work, play, and display their creations.

From yoga to gallery nights, there is always something sweet going on with Pineapple House Platforms. So stand tall. Wear your crown. And be sweet on the inside.


We love to hear your thoughts!! Please leave a comment, or simply say hello.

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