Lifelong learning…

Lifelong learning is a tenet of our team at Pineapple House Platforms.

This week that this has lifted us into Launch SA at the downtown public library, where we are participating in the Venture Challenge SA.

Just as we are a platform for freelance creative artists, Launch SA is a fueling station for San Antonio idea creators, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. A perfect place for us to listen, learn, engage, and grow with support from leaders within our home community.

The Venture Challenge SA is all about Spark. Seed. Grow. From their website, Venture Challenge SA aims to be a catalyst to growth for local small businesses. You are still eligible to enroll, and participate for this year’s challenge. Participate and get support from a community of peers, experts, and resource partners. And you could walk away with a share of $40,000 for your business.

We had a great time listening to Director of Launch SA, Ryan Salts, and Ashley Hass at our first challenge learning session. In good company, we were surrounded by other entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, coming together with business ideas drawn up in the back of an Uber ride, to a Fan Vs. Sports website venture. All-in-all a good learning session, and time well spent surrounded by others aiming to take the necessary action to improve their businesses.

The Pineapple House Platforms team followed this up with a visit to our local Wyndham Garden hotel for an information session hosted by Scotty Scott of UTSA, and briefed us on a great new program called UT Connects Talent.

Finding talent for your business can certainly be a challenge at times, and the UT school system has come up with an innovative approach at aiding employers to more efficiently and effectively recruit talent from across the UT system. Hook em’.

That was a particularly informative lunch and learn, with some delicious potato salad thanks to the culinary team from UTSA. Thank you chef!

If you are interested in finding interns, or employees—especially in the STEM fields, I’d suggest you do yourself a favor and look into the Handshake platforms, and other initiatives of the Office of Innovation and Strategic Investment at the University of Texas System.

To follow our progress through the Venture Challenge SA, just stay tuned here, and if you’re on Instagram please follow us @pineapplehouse_platforms, and on twitter @houseplatforms.

We’ll keep posting, and we appreciate any likes, comments, feedback, or encouragement you have for our team. And if you are an intern, looking for a position with a creative agency, look no further. Please submit your resume to booking@pineapplehouseplatforms to begin a conversation today!

Be a pineapple. Stand tall. Wear your crown. And be sweet on the inside.




Special thanks to Tracie Hervey for her assistance at UTSA.

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