Hot chef alert!

When the team at Pineapple House was on the search for helpful ways to ring in the new year vegan, personal chef Leah Drones (@veganmua) was our first call. And answer the call she did.

Leah showed up to our home kitchen on a recent Thursday night with a fully baked vegan lasagna, complete with cashew ricotta and all.

Firstly, anyone that shows up with a lasagna makes good company.  And chef, also brought over some vegan recipe staples like besan and tofu. We got to learn what to do with those a little later after we finished our meal.

After holding a space for us to eat her delicious lasagna, she began to share with us a vegan omelette recipe she enjoys. It was fantastic! It was so much fun. Like clouds. You bite into this light crust similar to a crepe, and then once your inside it was the fresh scramble to finish it out as a wonderful omelette experience. Well above any expectations we may have carried into our virgin vegan omlette experience.

We began making a tofu scramble with corn, tomatoes, salt and pepper, and tofu that Leah had prepared ahead of time.

She slices her tofu block in-half, dries it, and presses it between paper towels under a cast-iron pan to allow for better texture when incorporated later. All-in-all a bunch of learning, good bites, and a fun afternoon full of laughs and a teeny bit of tequila.

Be on the lookout for chef Leah as she continues to dazzle us in her Instagram feed with fresh vegan recipes, and with her K.I.S.S. Cooking food channel she’s building.


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