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What a day to be alive in Texas!

We had the wonderful opportunity to step into Gruene Cross, a new CBD shop and vape store in Bracken.

It is such a refreshing place to walk into. No, this is definitely not your grandfather’s head shop, or even a Planet K, Texas.

Gruene Cross is compassion all the way. This place fees like the interior of a compassionate care center in any other legal state, however, Gruene Cross carries only CBD products derived from hemp.

The gentlemen bringing you Gruene Cross in Bracken, TX, have gone above and beyond to lift the veil clouding the big green abyss.

Having provided a welcoming environment for people looking for hemp-based health and personal care products, Gruene Cross is worth a visit.

Texas newest CBD shop and vape store has you covered with CBD products offered. We really enjoyed the hemp cones. And we have heard of many older customers finding relief through the CBD tinctures offered.

To pair all of your new CBD products with a an introduction into how easy it can be to incorporate healthy CBDs into your system, the team behind Gruene Cross will soon open a coffee shop serving infused coffee and smoothies. This place really has it all. They even provide a section of health products for your four-legged friend.

The shop carries oils, edibles, topical creams, capsules, waxes, tinctures and vape juices containing cannabinol, a compound found in hemp plants that is said to aid with pain, mood, and mental function.

All products must follow the federal legal limits of not containing over 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound responsible for creating the ‘high’.

Being advocates for wellness and goodness, the team at Gruene Cross aim to educate the public about the health and supplemental benefits of CBD. The shops employees have undergone weeks of training to learn about every product and their benefits.

Inside was an array of products from edible gummies, and infused coffee, to Privy Peach CBD lubes, Drip vape juices, CBD cones, beauty butters, infused bath bombs, and more. An easy stroll down FM 2252 in Bracken will have you clapping joy for relief.

In true green fashion, the shop will celebrate with a Grand Opening Party, on you guessed it, Friday April 20th at 4:20 PM. There will be live music, munchies, and the largest range of CBD based products in Texas.

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