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Pineapple House Platforms artist spotlight:

Transformation Tuesday edition

How one young artist used a summer camp to accelerate her artistic growth.

Madison Eiland of Matte Pink band.

Madison is a sixteen year-old sophomore at the #AlamoHeightsHighSchool.

After a busy summer in which she learned how to play the drums during a weeklong San Antonio Girls Rock Camp, Madison has been as creative as ever.

Through the rock camp she got to be in her first ever band called Dreamplace, before subsequently being booted for a more seasoned drummer.

Not one to stay down long, Madison then turned to forming her own band, Matte Pink with her younger sister Trinity.

The pair began their performing with a killer rendition of Radiohead’s Creep at a New Year’s Eve bash at the Studios at Fischer in the Texas hill country.

And to finish a Texas happy ending, Madison remains friends with her former band, they’ll even share the stage at this years camp kick off party.

With more than music feuling her fire, Madison, an avid movie buff has aspirations of film making in her future.

To see that dream become reality, this young self-starter took to applying, preparing, and auditioning for two programs—musical theatre and cinema at the North East School of the Arts, where she will be enrolled in the Nesa Cinema program this fall to complete her high school studies.

Recently you would find Madison writing songs, making videos, and honing her video editing skills. Something she was eager to share when an opportunity arose.

Pineapple House Platforms creative agency teamed with the local Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio CEO Mrs. Angie Atchison Mock to create the ‘CascaronesForClubKids’ challenge.

This collaboration saw Madison sharing her talents, while visiting six local Boys & Girls Clubs to film the beginnings of the #CascaronesForClubKids challenge sponsored by Ricos Products of Southtown.

The videos have been widely shared on social media, with the #RicosFiesta and #CascaronesForClubKids videos already amassing over some 6,000 views, with five days remaining of both Fiesta San Antonio and the #CascaronesForClubKids challenge.

To submit your video:

1. Nominate up to five friends.

2. Film yourselves cracking a ‘CascaroneForClubKids’ on your friend.

3. Post the video to social media with the #hashtags #RicosFiesta & #CascaronesForClubKids (please be sure your cideo is set to Public)

4. And give yourself a pat on the back.

With your help and the generous support of #RicosProductsCo the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio has just earned $10 to help fulfill its mission of serving over 9,000 local youths.

To book her band MattePink to play your festival or venue, or to inquire about her videography, you may email

You can find Madison on Instagrm @MadiEiland and @MattePinkband.

For every First Friday through the summer her band Matte Pink will have a residency with High Voltage at Lavaca warehouse series.

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