Recently had the wonderful opportunity to sit with Kevin Washington of Washhboy Photography at the pineapple home studio.

Washington, a San Antonio based street shooter, has a long history with the Alamo city.

After growing up in New Orleans, and travelling internationally, he earned the nickname Washhboy from a squad seargent while on a tour in Germany, while he served in the U.S. Army.

Over the years Kevin and his wife visited friends at Lackland and Fort Sam Houston so when the pair created a plan to settle, they had experienced SA firsthand, and knew where to root.

Humble begginings saw Kevin purchace his first Kodak instant camera as a means to document the new culture he was witnessing while on tour in Saudi Arabia.

When back on garrison Kevin fell in love with having a captive audience and quickly became the go-to-guy on post for weddings, quinces, and other events.

As luck would have it, when he retired from the military in 2009 an opportunity arose for the new transplant to shoot inventory photography for Cavendar auto.

Always one to take the ball and run with it, Kevin doubled-down on his passions, attending & graduating the Art Institute in 2014.

With a few years under his belt capturing commercial projects—he turned within and wanted to do more to share his gifts with the world.

He has now released two books of over 400 pages each. These are under his Global Street Shooter moniker, and capture the raw images of life.

Something he noted when studying many of the classic Time magazine photos from woodstock that famously featured Jimi Hendrix serting his guitar ablaze, was that in those iconic photos, or the girl running away from napalm in Burma—the subject was so real that the compostition & technique of those photos were outshone by the humanity in frame.

His current project, The Diversity of Diversity, follows first-generation bi-racial subjects. After taking their picture, Washboy asks the model if they identify with one of their two races more than the other.

All of this he is adding into his next book & documentary that goes along with it.

In 2018 Kevin will be focused on capturing more of San Antonio’s identity while exploring film and other analog looks.

He may be found online:

Instagram: @washhboy_photography and @globalstreetshooter

model above is @cosmicevedoom with mua @misscyn7

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