Going with the grain.

One of the more rewarding things about working with so many talented artists, is how they never cease to amaze you with their abilities.

The past couple of weeks have blessed me with the ability to spend time with artist Jeff Vodochodsky, inside the Hallowed Be Thy Grain wood shop where he works with his hands creating custom furniture and other works of art.

Upon arriving and entering, the first thing you notice in the shop, after the delicious smell of mesquite, is just how relaxing it is.

There’s a sturdy silence when you enter. Lights low, wood slabs casting straightline shadows, the room has presence.

Tuesday this week was a particularly busy day working, and though tired, something whispered it was a trip not to be missed.

Forever will I be grateful for the reward of showing up, as the trip was excellent. Time traveling again. 

Old enough to still remember wood shop at my high school and young enough to be one of the last classes through.

Stepping into the Hallowed Be Thy Grain headquarters was more than just memories. It was walking into a full on immersive experience.

Whiff of the woodsy mesquite. The sounds. Plenty of sounds. Saw teeth biting, sander whooshing and gritting  as the wood smooths below, four-inch hand brush sweeping fresh sawdust off of a slab. The clink of cold brews toasted to a good life.

It’s a cool place to be The wood shop always has, and may forever stand as a preserve of character and traditions. A preserve of craftsmanship, and attention to detail. You can see it all up close there.

It also offered refuge from unsatisfying particle board furniture. Refuge from the sounds of the city. Refuge from looming thoughts about project deadlines and emails to finish late that evening.

Have we even gotten to the wood yet?

Hallowed Be Thy Grain can be your go-to-experience for your next custom piece. If you simply wanted a stunning lazy-suzan for your countertop, or the full dinner table for twelve, Jeff is the craftsman for you.

Having only gotten into this work on a whim a little over a decade ago by answering the call to work with his uncle in a cabinet shop, he now moves with the skilled confidence of a seasoned carpenter.

Ever since that entry point  he has chipped away at projects small and larger, but mainly as a hobby while he worked his regular jobs. If the large stock log piles, and extra hands on deck were any indication, it seems this is his regular now.

Out front in the driveway were freshly harvested logs, still full with gnarly burls, and planks of cut wood, and a custom bar he had readied for a client that afternoon.

On another cold morning at the shop, his apprentice Eric was along for some great conversation on life and large orders, like that of the beer sampler trays Alamo beer co commissioned them to make awhile back. The ability to produce multiples of a design is an important aspect of the growing business.

Nearby, a local man purchases wood dowels from Jeff that he then has further manufactured, and sells as beautiful woodgrain ink pens.

It was quite amazing to see and feel the raw materials in the shop, and then the finished pens which were quite nice.

Hallowed be thy grain operates out of a wood shop on the southside of San Antonio, and harvests wood locally. Jeff’s work can be found at hallowedbethygrain.com and on instagram at @hallowedbethygrain. He is also set up at local farmer’s markets during spring and summer.

Lights. Camera. Action.

Our platform artists come in all shapes and sizes. Many different disciplines, and aged at all ends of the spectrum.

Meet Aiden Castillo. Aiden is a bright young man, with his eyes set on Broadway.

The fourteen year old currently acts for the Christian Youth theatre in New Braunfels, TX, where he is currently performing as Usnavi, who the great Lin Manuel Miranda just reprised for a one-night-only, five year reunion of the Tony-winning musical In The Heights.

We can definitely envision a Tony award for Aiden one day. Recently he has traveled to Chicago, Illinois to audition at some school for his post-high school life.

With complete dedication to his craft, Aiden has starred in many plays and musicals like The Lion King, Bugsy Malone, Hairspray, Fame JR, Annie JR, Mulan JR, and more. A talent at the ukulele as well as a riff master on the guitar, Aiden is ready to take on the world. One take at a time.

Look out for Aiden and his contemporaries soon, as they are currently filming Raymond Raymos’s senior short film, Adam, in and around San Antonio for the SA Film Academy.

For casting Aiden, please email booking@pineapplehouseplatforms.com

Hot chef alert!

When the team at Pineapple House was on the search for helpful ways to ring in the new year vegan, personal chef Leah Drones (@veganmua) was our first call. And answer the call she did.

Leah showed up to our home kitchen on a recent Thursday night with a fully baked vegan lasagna, complete with cashew ricotta and all.

Firstly, anyone that shows up with a lasagna makes good company.  And chef, also brought over some vegan recipe staples like besan and tofu. We got to learn what to do with those a little later after we finished our meal.

After holding a space for us to eat her delicious lasagna, she began to share with us a vegan omelette recipe she enjoys. It was fantastic! It was so much fun. Like clouds. You bite into this light crust similar to a crepe, and then once your inside it was the fresh scramble to finish it out as a wonderful omelette experience. Well above any expectations we may have carried into our virgin vegan omlette experience.

We began making a tofu scramble with corn, tomatoes, salt and pepper, and tofu that Leah had prepared ahead of time.

She slices her tofu block in-half, dries it, and presses it between paper towels under a cast-iron pan to allow for better texture when incorporated later. All-in-all a bunch of learning, good bites, and a fun afternoon full of laughs and a teeny bit of tequila.

Be on the lookout for chef Leah as she continues to dazzle us in her Instagram feed with fresh vegan recipes, and with her K.I.S.S. Cooking food channel she’s building.


San Antonio Weddings magazine cover brides


We are blessed to be called upon by many beautiful brides throughout the year.

These weddings carry us off to destinations near and far, never ceasing to amaze.

Pineapple House Platforms hair and makeup team delight in coming together with a bride and her party on that special day.

We are not only grateful to be able to provide hair and makeup services on your special day, we are grateful to get to know each bride on a personal level, that we may match her personality with her overall vision as we prepare her to look beautiful all night long.

Each wedding is a blessing and a day filled with brilliant memories.


A couple of our brides have been featured on the cover of San Antonio Weddings magazine, and wish to express our gratitude to everyone that made this a possibility.


To the brides Kelleigh Flynn and Anna Yanta, thank you for choosing Pineapple House Platforms and sharing your special day with us.

To the ladies on the Pineapple House makeup team, thank you for showing up, bringing the enthusiasm, and beautiful work.

Without photography we would not have the perfect captures that we share with friends and hang in our homes forever.

Thank you to Monica Roberts Photography, Joshua Michael Photography, and Sarah Naselli Photography for these beautiful cover images.

And thank you to San Antonio Weddings magazine for selecting these brides to grace the cover.

To book Pineapple House Platforms for your wedding please email: booking@pineapplehouseplatforms.com or message us at 210-473-9910.


Lifelong learning…

Lifelong learning is a tenet of our team at Pineapple House Platforms.

This week that this has lifted us into Launch SA at the downtown public library, where we are participating in the Venture Challenge SA.

Just as we are a platform for freelance creative artists, Launch SA is a fueling station for San Antonio idea creators, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. A perfect place for us to listen, learn, engage, and grow with support from leaders within our home community.

The Venture Challenge SA is all about Spark. Seed. Grow. From their website, Venture Challenge SA aims to be a catalyst to growth for local small businesses. You are still eligible to enroll, and participate for this year’s challenge. Participate and get support from a community of peers, experts, and resource partners. And you could walk away with a share of $40,000 for your business.

We had a great time listening to Director of Launch SA, Ryan Salts, and Ashley Hass at our first challenge learning session. In good company, we were surrounded by other entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, coming together with business ideas drawn up in the back of an Uber ride, to a Fan Vs. Sports website venture. All-in-all a good learning session, and time well spent surrounded by others aiming to take the necessary action to improve their businesses.

The Pineapple House Platforms team followed this up with a visit to our local Wyndham Garden hotel for an information session hosted by Scotty Scott of UTSA, and briefed us on a great new program called UT Connects Talent.

Finding talent for your business can certainly be a challenge at times, and the UT school system has come up with an innovative approach at aiding employers to more efficiently and effectively recruit talent from across the UT system. Hook em’.

That was a particularly informative lunch and learn, with some delicious potato salad thanks to the culinary team from UTSA. Thank you chef!

If you are interested in finding interns, or employees—especially in the STEM fields, I’d suggest you do yourself a favor and look into the Handshake platforms, and other initiatives of the Office of Innovation and Strategic Investment at the University of Texas System.

To follow our progress through the Venture Challenge SA, just stay tuned here, and if you’re on Instagram please follow us @pineapplehouse_platforms, and on twitter @houseplatforms.

We’ll keep posting, and we appreciate any likes, comments, feedback, or encouragement you have for our team. And if you are an intern, looking for a position with a creative agency, look no further. Please submit your resume to booking@pineapplehouseplatforms to begin a conversation today!

Be a pineapple. Stand tall. Wear your crown. And be sweet on the inside.




Special thanks to Tracie Hervey for her assistance at UTSA.

Radio Debut 6:15 pm CT @lightning100

Tune in tonight at 6:15pm CT to listen to Diamond Carter’s radio debut of new single “I Believe in Too(things)” on @lightning100 Nashville.

Listen-in for a live performance of another upcoming single from Moon Paradise Vol.1, as well as an interview with @themadculver and @hammerlandeggs.

Fun Fact: Diamond Carter the Nashville-based singer/songwriter with roots in Southern California has been “Artist of the Week” on four separate occasions for Nashville’s Lightning100, earning him that distinction more than any other artist in the station’s history.

Badges and Bouquets

Quick shoutout today to, Badges & Bouquets, who we have had the opportunity to work with over the past five years.

I caught up with makeup artist Stephanie today to ask her about her involvement with the movement.

badges & bouqets

“I have the most respect for Tina Humphries, and everyone she brings together for this cause. Tina was one of the first vendors to give me a look back-in-the-day, and I am forever grateful for that. The event has been going for five years now, and I have been able to offer hair and makeup services each year. It has become something greater every year.” said Stephanie.

So if you are not familiar, Badges & Bouquets is a charity wedding event put on by Tina Humphries of Diamonds & Dreams. The wedding, which is going into it’s sixth year is a complete wedding package for one lucky first responder bride and groom.

Humphries began this as a way to give back to first responders and thank them for their tireless efforts. Each year the event has been held at a different venue, and it has found a way to grow more beautiful with each incarnation.

The wedding is complete with venue, catering, photographers, hair and makeup, and much, much more.

To enter a selfless first responder in your life, visit here, and enter your 500 word submission. Complete rules via Badges & Bouquets.