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Pineapple House Platforms bridal hair and makeup San Antonio

Mainly, if you are looking for bridal hair and makeup in San Antonio, look for the award-winning Pineapple House Beauty team, of Pineapple House Platforms!!

Led by professional stylist Stephanie, the professional hair and makeup artists of the Pineapple House Beauty team will have you looking and feeling your confident best, on your wedding day.

  • bridal hair and makeup
  • bridal hair and makeup
  • bridal hair and makeup

Pineapple House Beauty

We offer flawless on-site bridal makeup applications and wedding hair to help brides feel their best on one of the most important days of their lives.

To sum up we serve San Antonio, New Braunfels, Boerne, Fredericksburg, and much of the San Antonio Hill Country area. 

Everything considered, San Antonio’s most trusted wedding makeup artists!

To show, watch the Pineapple House Beauty team in action, styling models for a ‘Pop Art Chic‘ bridal styled wedding photo shoot below. 

Briefly, to book any wedding service other than hair and makeup:

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For professional hair and makeup services- please read on. 

Wedding Day

Generally, one of the most enjoyable parts of a wedding day can be the time spent getting ready for the ceremony.

It’s a wonderful time to get your hair and makeup done.

In time sip some champagne, and take loads of selfies with your friends. 

Foundationally we prefer you hire a beauty professional for your wedding day.

After all they are the real masters of styling hair and makeup. 

Leave it to the professional to have experience working on all skin and hair types- as well as knowing what’s in style this year.

 This is a big day. You’ll appreciate being able to relax and leave it to the pros on your big day. Between pictures, hellos, and maybe even a few tears of joy- there can be a lot going on wedding day!

If you’re not the bride- it’s not about you, today!

Naturally, on wedding day- baby gets what baby wants! Just meaning, the bride is likely going to want to have her hair and makeup done last, ensuring she is freshest for the ceremony. 

The maid of honor will typically be right beside her, or have just gone ahead of her.  And if you’re a bridesmaid, depending on time of ceremony- be prepared for an early morning start. 

A little coffee and orange juice (yes mimosas too!) can be a gentle ease into your morning of pampering. 


To book professional hair and makeup services from Pineapple House Beauty, please fill out this form. 

You may also text directly, with lead stylist Stephanie at 210-473-9910. 

@pineapplehouse_beauty on IG

As far as who pays. This is always a case-by-case basis. Some brides wish for the entire bridal party to be done up by professional hair and makeup artists- and insist to pay as a courtesy. 

In other weddings, that simply isn’t the case, or its not in the cards at the time. To keep this day, and the time leading up to it as stress free as possible- we recommend having any and all logistics talks early on, ahead of the wedding day. 

It’s also mindful to think ahead for tips for your beauty professionals. A professional hair or makeup application is usually not cheap, pricing can be $100+ for each, so think about 15-25% tip for the beauty professionals for a job well done. 

Consider adding a bonus if there was a particular crisis, or the artist was able to perform above-and-beyond for you in some manner.