Cohort Program at Maestro Entrepreneurship Center!

The Cohort Program at Maestro entrepreneurship center is a must visit for budding small business owners.

As small business owners, we consistently wear many hats- juggling sales calls, production, labor, scheduling, marketing, continuing education, and so much more.

Enter the Maestro entrepreneurship center, as a vital resource to keep the sanity while honoring your clients, and simultaneously honoring your self-growth, and commitment to growing your company so you may serve more people through your mission.

Since late-August, we have been participating in The Maestro’s Entrepreneurship 12 Week Cohort Program, an accelerator for small business owners.

Having participated in other accelerator and incubator programs in various fields, and locations over the past decade, this Cohort Program is superb, and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity.

As an outsider with not much knowledge about the Maestro Entrepreneurship before hearing about, and eventually applying and joining the Cohort Program- we have been so pleased that we did.

You always hear the good leadership comes from the top. The old, “The buck stops here!” adage, and at Maestro Center it is apparent that Julissa is running this ship like a well-oiled machine. For a growing small business owner it is of vital importance to have trust in those that you seek guidance from. The quality and caliber of guest speakers, resource partners, and lecturers that Julissa places before us in unmatched in San Antonio.

Week-after-week, we have been pleased to be able to sit, speak with, ask questions, hear valuable feedback, and learn from these great people! When the guests have proven track records of successful entrepreneurial ventures, it is so much easier to engage with and believe in the mentoring they offer.

Maestro has a stated mission of accelerating business growth beyond the $1 million dollar threshold, and the Maestros, or small business gurus they have shared with us have each shared with us, their unique stories, and pathways to success. Learning from those that have walked the walk is something we should all strive for, and the fact that you can come to one hub to share time with so many is a real treat.

Resources, resources, resources… Now that we are headed towards our November 12th graduation ceremony and reflecting on the past quarter of Tuesday evenings spent together, resources have been the stand-out aspect of this cohort program.

We have felt listened to and understood fully as the specific speakers that have greeted us each week have been spot on to things we asked for the week ahead, or have otherwise been curated based on Julissa, and Maestro’s understanding of the projects we are each working on, and here to grow.

In the last week we had a great speed-dating event that put us in the driver seat in front of so many community partners from the SBA, to Lift Fund partners that help younger small business grow and fastback for SBA programs, city of San Antonio partners from various offices, and a whole slew of others like business certification experts, and those that will help us to prepare for working with the city, and other government agencies.

Like diving into welcoming waters of small business guides, all sent to help us steer our ships to the seas where we were made to sail.

Look back here soon as we share some more of what we have done with, and from the seeds we have planted and begun to water here on the west side these past few Tuesdays.

A special thank you to the Maestro Entrepreneurship Center, their founder Julissa, Nayeli, MariAngela, and everyone that has been so great to us over this past quarter.

If you’d like to know more about our experience here, please reach out to, or send us a dm through our facebook page. We had such a great experience, we’d love to help you find the same here.

If you’d like to see the Maestro Center or come watch us graduate, come on down to 1811 S Laredo this November 12th as we celebrate with about a dozen other small business owners.

To find our work online please visit, or see us on Instagram @Pineapplehouse_platforms, @Pineapplehouse_beauty, and @Elementz_SATX. You can find the Maestro Entrepreneurship Center at maestro and @maestrocentersa on IG.