Facebook crashes globally!! Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and Messenger all down as Facebook acknowledges issues to its entire suite of apps.
Rapper @SnoopDog tweets: IG down? Roll one and be productive

In it’s biggest crash since 2008, Facebook crashes globally!! The Facebook Apps including Oculus, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger- home to more than three billion users globally have been offline all day!

It’s also been reported that some Facebook employees were even denied entry to campus buildings, as their digital badges were not working properly.

Instagram down!

We’ve heard it before- what happens to Instagram models when Instagram crashes?

Today is the day!! Beginning yesterday, and continuing to today Instagram, as well as Facebook, Messenger, and Whatsapp are collectively offline.

This should be a wake-up call for so many things! But amongst them, the necessity and benefits of owning your own platforms!!

Why create magical content each day that you spend YOUR life energy creating- only to have it all be null and void, invisible even if you relied on any of these Big 4 for your content delivery.

@Twitter welcomes literally everyone amid the Facebook suite of apps global outage 2021.
The goddess Dolly Parton welcomes the world to @Twitter amid the global Facebook?Instagram shut-down.

The internet however, remains online and making jokes!

Welp! That didn’t take long… Spirit Halloween takes over Facebook HQ at 1 Hacker Way (joke)
Twitter user @ReedSavory points out the entire domain for Facebook no longer exists online… could this be a bigger problem than we know so far?

Levity and tacos always welcome. San Antonio, Texas makes the best breakfast tacos.

Twitter user @EricStephen brings some levity amidst the global social media shutdown.

Have fun, and enjoy a mental health day everyone! Facebook crashes globally!! Really, an opportunity to unplug from the matrix, reset, maybe even go outside and enjoy the benefits of the sun, and grounding your feet to the earth. Or, come to San Antonio and get some tacos. Because everyday is national taco day if you want it to be. We couldn’t agree more Mr. Eric Stephen!

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