Tina places the boutonniere on groom model Tyler. @danielgrovephoto

Welcome to the future of weddings!

Futuristic Wedding Inspiration

As a matter of fact, we hope you delight in this futuristic-themed, styled wedding shoot, and photography workshop.

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The futuristic bride and groom, complete with 3D printed fashion accents. @danielgrovephoto
Futuristic Wedding Inspiration
Pineapple House Platforms co-founder Stephanie, in front of Hangar 9, Brooks.




A beautiful black & white capture, courtesy @danielgrovephoto

What is a styled shoot?


A styled wedding shoot is generally speaking a collaborative effort of vendors and creatives, that come together to showcase a unique wedding concept.

Pineapple House Platforms is a San Antonio-based creative agency that often puts together styled wedding shoots. 

Equally important, our team has hosted themed wedding-styled shoots fit for a princess and her Fairy godmother (Cinderella), styled one in the style of the regency period that begins the Victorian era (think Bridgerton vibes), shouted abracadabra in a wizard voice, (Harry Potter-themed), and now look to inspire the next generation of weddings with a futuristic-themed styled wedding shoot and photography workshop

Not to mention, so many of our brides in 2022 are asking for something more than what they’ve gotten from the traditional wedding experience. 

Futuristic Wedding Inspiration

Correspondingly, this is where we come in to create a new look, a new vision, and an inspiration for what a future wedding may look like.

Gone are the days when every wedding takes place in a small chapel, or at the local church banquet hall. 

Gen-Z, and dang, many of the Millenial and Gen-X brides and grooms that generate the largest group of marriage license applications are searching fervently for new ideas!

Back to the lab…

Similarly, as it would be when pushing the envelope of ideas, there’s not always an array of examples to look to. 

So, what do we do? 

We look up!

We dream!

We venture boldly into the future!

Futuristic Wedding Inspiration


As we prepare for launch in the time ahead, we also move forward with fresh ideas on how to operate as wedding vendors and creatives. 

This present-styled shoot, curated by Stephanie Eiland of Pineapple House Platforms and Tina Humphrey of Diamonds & Dreams events, also doubled as the backdrop for a revenue-generating wedding photography workshop with the help of San Antonio’s The Camera Exchange. 

The styled shoots of yesteryear were simply a creative outlet for many of the wedding vendors rightly bored with the repetition of working the same version of a wedding replicated every day, ad nauseam. 

Cue the cutesy poems on the invites- or better yet, on foam beer koozies, sprinkle in a surprise entrance dance and pose for a litany of photos that remind one more of a junior high picture day than the fantasy wedding she’s been dreaming of since her coming of age party. 

Many wedding vendors today have so much more to offer than what gets seen at your average wedding. 

It’s simple really.

Future wedding inspiration. 

Now, most weddings follow the same template since the Father of The Bride era. 

Also, many vendors are catering to the requests of the families, or to the energy of the industry.

Until people share the hot new dance (or dancefloor) on a Tik Tok, or you happen across something really special at an event- we as people tend to stick largely to what we know. 

It’s time for a spark. 

To see the new unicorn dance floors, pyrotechnic displays, 360 photo booths, and even the performers that bring events to a new level, a styled shoot is the ultimate peek into what can be.

Furthermore, if you really can’t put down your coffee and prefer a digital wedding, check out this couple that tied the knot in the metaverse, in a new type of virtual nuptial exchange. 

Additional gallery provided by @danielgrovephoto.

A playful future for San Antonio!

Futuristic Wedding Inspiration

Also, in San Antonio where we live and work, the future is having a moment! 

Furthermore, the future is now!

Steve Jobs said, “Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not as a threat.”

And the opportunity to try new things benefits our work-life balance. 

Accordingly, having fun is where we come up with the freshest ideas.  

Futuristic Wedding Inspiration

And all of San Antonio is on board. 

Port San Antonio is empowering future-focused companies with a high-tech playground,  that even includes a vertiport that allows electric vehicles to take off and land and a lunar terrain simulator

As a result, even DeLorean, has chosen SA as home to its headquarters for their relaunch as an electric vehicle company. 

Also, it’s possible one of the photo or video students in the workshop today, becomes one of our great cinematographers or photographers of the future. 

Of interesting note, with its storied history of aviation, Hangar9 was quite the building to dream from!

Instructor MikeGonzalez on a break between snaps. @danielgrovephoto

Focused on photographers.

Next, we turned our focus on empowering photographers to level up their wedding photo portfolios and creating opportunities for local vendors to shine, a bright future theme was definitely on the table. 

Secondly, our goal was to create a welcoming atmosphere where the photographers and videographers would learn tips to help them grow as professional photographers. 

It was important to capture all the moments that a wedding is comprised of- so we invited instructors from The Camera Exchange.

A majority of the photographers that signed-up, up and attended were working wedding photographers looking to elevate their cause, and shadow the example of an industry expert. 

Additionally, others, were more junior photographers, first looking to get the feel of what it may actually be like to photograph a wedding, a kind of guide for what to prepare for. 

Centrally located on San Pedro Avenue in San Antonio, The Camera Exchange is the premier destination for area photographers looking for gear and instruction.

Next, for the futuristic wedding shootout and photography workshop, local professional fine art portrait photographer, Mike G presented to our group of students his best knowledge and instruction. 

Finally, we had additional support from local photographer Daniel Grove (@danielgrovephoto) – a frequent Pineapple House collaborator, and Madison Eiland (@_madsmedia).

Pineapple House Platforms, with help from The Camera Exchange, and a whole slew of amazingly talented vendors, host the Futuristic Wedding Photography Workshop 2022:

Event date: June 25th, 2022

Event Location: Hangar 9 San Antonio, TX Event details:

Pineapple House Platforms curates a wedding photography workshop, facilitated with the tutelage of Mike G photographer, and access to lenses and camera bodies, courtesy of The Camera Exchange.

The workshop, which doubled as a styled shoot led by creative team Pineapple House Platforms, was curated to bring together industry-leading vendors, in a fun, creative manner to highlight new offerings, and ideas to shape the coming seasons of wedding and event fashion and design.

Finally, we would like to thank the following:

Pineapple House Platforms 

Diamonds and Dreams Events 

The Camera Exchange

Aqua Acro

Vegas Events

Vegas DJ Service

Vegas Photo Booth

SAPS Entertainment

A. Cherie Couture

Texas Wedding Ministers 

Pineapple House Media 


Heavenly Gourmet Catering

Reel Photo Booth

Mads Media

Rose Refreshments

My Asukar

Aly Am Paperie

Hangar 9

Embassy Suites by Hilton 

Thank you!! 

The workshop was open to BOTH photographers, and videographers wearing sandals, who were looking to grow their skills as photographers, and to capture the content they can use to advance their portfolios and offerings.

Photographers were offered expert instruction from industry-insider photographers, as well as additional options for lighting, and cosplay after-effects.

To see more from the behind-the-scenes, visit the Pineapple House Blog, here.

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A Pineapple House Production. 

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Nowadays most people ring us to help them grow their personal brand, or to help them launch something dear to their hearts. 

Either way, we remain focused here, to help you grow now! 

If you notice, the styled shoots are really a bridge between future brides and grooms, and the vendors they will be working with on their special day. 

We’re at our best when we lead from the heart, and so do just about every other vendor and artist out there. 

When we are able to paint visuals that attract and repel the correct couples, with the correct vendors, every event becomes magic. 

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It’s that simple, at every level. 

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