Headshots San Antonio

Looking for new headshots?

Pineapple House Platforms is your one-stop shop for new headshots.

Your professional headshot is often the first thing prospective clients will see of yours. Put your best face forward, and connect with future clients. 

Furthermore, headshots are a great and professional addition to your business biography. Let your personality shine through. 

Your headshots will be a great addition to your business emails, business cards, website, billboard advertisements, and more. 

To that end, call or email us today to book your professional headshots or portrait photography session today.

Headshots San Antonio

Who are headshots for?

Whether you are a model, actress, actor, or a business professional- you are judged today by your appearance. 

Let your personality shine through, and give people the opportunity to ‘get to know you’ from a great headshot image today. 

An extension of your personal brand- headshots start to tell the story of YOU. 

Headshots San Antonio
Headshots San Antonio

What makes a great headshot?

Usually, a great headshot captures the head and shoulders, upper torso- and reflects what you look like right now. 

A good idea is to look as neutral and natural as possible for business headshots. 

For a model or actor, it is important to express your personality in your headshots, as this will be a casting director’s first opportunity to see you. 

How much do headshots cost?

Although the price can range from a friend shooting you for $25, up to over a couple of thousand dollars for a highly in-demand headshot photographer- most headshots price at around the $150-$500 range. 

You can typically expect to get a professional headshot in that range. 

Can I take my own headshots?

Yes. You can take your own professional headshots. For best results, leave your headshot photography up to a professional that specializes in portraits and headshot photography. 

If you are on a budget, short time constraints, or just feeling up for the challenge, you certainly may attempt to take your own headshot photos. 

Here’s a link to DIY headshots instructions. 

Headshots San Antonio.

Call today, to book your headshots or professional portrait photography session. 

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