Co-founder, and lead stylist Stephanie Eiland of Pineapple House Platforms

Stephanie, a professional hair and makeup artist for 15 years.

She serves brides, c-level executives, photographers, speakers, models, dancers, yogis, and more. You know her for her styling, ask her about how she can elevate your image.

Now a Creative Director and Stylist, Stephanie leads the Pineapple House beauty team, collaborates with other professional studios, and mentors other freelance creatives.

@pineapplehouse_beauty, @pineapplehouse_stylist, @pineapplehouse_designs.
Brandon on golf course.
Co-founder Brandon Vondera of Pineapple House Platforms

Brandon is a creative consultant with skills in event production content writing, band management, artist development, social media marketing, podcasting, branding, and more.

Mad hatter at Pineapple House Platforms, he frequently collaborates with other founders, film makers, educators and musicians alike. He’s naturally quiet, but if you talk to him about surfing or saving the planet he might engage you a bit longer.

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