Never outgrow being thankful.

Never outgrow being thankful.
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Never outgrow being thankful.

Be A Work In Progress is a great book of encouragement from WWE Superstar and entertainer John Cena.

He preaches to each day be a little less perfect, and a little more brave.

That is also a great summation of what insights the book offers. 

  • Never outgrow being thankful. 

  • Be brave enough to embrace humility. The reward will be confidence. 

  • Don’t take someone else’s word on what you can accomplish. 

  • Life is about the ride, not the vehicle you show up in. 

  • Being inspired by others is a helpful way to find yourself. Wanting to be others is a helpful way to lose yourself. 

  • Know the difference between those who care about you, and those who care about what you can do for them. 

  • Control the controllable, the disorder of others is only your chaos if you make it so. 

  • If you’re going to gamble- bet on yourself. Brave chances backed up with constant effort can lead to amazing things. 

  • You are the sum of your actions, not your words.

  • A slow start is better than no start. 

  • Failure is so much closer to success than not trying at all. 

  • Lack of communication is often what causes people to drift apart, lack of forgiveness is often what causes people to stay apart. 

  • The only person you need to prove yourself to is yourself.

That’s it.

Never outgrow being thankful.

A few insights from the book:

Be A Work In Progress

by John Cena. 

A great, quick read, with easy-to-consume illustrations and pages of quick notes.

If you want a book you can peruse while your friends are gaming in the background, or busy on-the-go… this is it. 

He articulates simple thoughts on how to feel better, and be better. 

Thanks, John Cena. Thank you, librarians, as I checked out this copy with the power of a library card. 

If you’d like to purchase a copy, here’s a link:

(affiliate link disclaimer* I may earn a commission if you buy through the link provided.)

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