Nobody Knows Anyway

Posted by Brandon Vondera on 9 November, 2023. 

Nobody Knows Anyways

What have you tried new lately?

Each day artists call into our creative agency asking us for help on getting them into acting, modeling, how to be a photographer, can you help me produce a short film?, are you able to help us get more gigs for our band?, and more, and more like that. 

I mean, truly, each day these are the things that artists just like yourself are calling in about. 

And yes, every day we answer yes, yes, absolutely we are able to help you find more gigs, totally we can write that press release for you, and of course, we’d love to help you produce that short film. 

And you know what? At the end of the day it’s all about the process involved in each of those things. 

You see, it’s always been about the process. 

That’s sort of why I believe that many of the top selling artworks here in 2023 are paintings by a couple of artists who have long since transitioned and a guy that there are some pretty keen theories about who he could be, but generally is an artist with a mystery persona

What gives? 

And why is their art the art most sought after?

A couple of guesses I have are that Starry Night by Van Gogh is steeped in the greatest lore of a troubled artist that once cut off his own ear, and the painting itself being one of the most ubiquitous pieces of all time. 

So what is it then? 

Maybe it’s familiarity? Or maybe it’s the process, another way of saying the struggle. 

And maybe those sales are propped up in large part by so many struggling artists the world over that resonate with the desperateness of an artist who cut his ear off after a row with a fellow artist, or possibly after hearing about his own brother’s engagement. 

Could it be that artists really are so sad to get their art out to the world, that there is some solace in hanging a Starry night nearby to know that hey- at least I haven’t cut my ear off yet, or is it because artists see the piece as so successful that they buy it to bring some of that. magic into their own homes to have something to visualize that will also end up in all corners of the world?

Whatever the reason, there seems to be no rhyme or reason. 

Nobody Knows Anyway. 

Exactly why we encourage so many of you to follow through on your dreams and visions, and just go for it. 

I mean, even Indiana Jones had to believe in the step before he saw the step. 

So give it a try. 

Go create some new art today. 

And more importantly, share it. 

You know, many artists that are either introverts or simply afraid of failing yet brave enough to create have found ways to share their gifts with the world without showing their faces. 

Certainly Banksy, an artist that has captured the attention of the world over can inspire you if you are wanting to share your art and not your face. 

And each day I see another YouTube creator sharing links to their private group where you can learn how to monetize a faceless video channel. 

So whether it’s the tried and true paints in a different hue, or it’s something truly off the wall, the only way to know if you’ll fall is to step over that ledge and into the pond of creation. 

Wait no longer. If you’re reading this you are more than ready. 

I’d even venture to say that you have been procrastinating to long. 

So go out there and share your art today. 

Nobody knows anyway. 

And if you’d like help with a press release or producing a short film, still feel free to give us a call today. 

Pineapple House Platforms is your creative hub. And we’ll surely surround you with the encouragement, tools, and network to never feel like your alone one more day as an artist. 

Look here to see an invitation we once created for a San Antonio client, based upon Starry Night, based upon a local artists painting of the San Antonio skyline done in homage to Starry Night. 


Nobody knows anyway. Go create today!

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