As an artist or an entrepreneur, growth is essential to your success in life.

For the artist, it’s learning to go pro and for the professional, it’s about developing the mindset and skills to lead. 

If you desire growth that is sustainable and substantial, the available Pineapple Personal Development courses will grow you to that next level.


Six-Months to a better Life

For the person who is ready to move beyond excuses, and live a life of purpose. Learn to push limiting beliefs to the side, and take inspired action to live the life you know you are capable of. 

Your results are dependent on the actions you take, and this can be the six months that sets you five years ahead. 



  • 12 x 60-minute face-to-face meetings
  • Unlimited email support
  • Bonus 4 x 30-min call support sessions
  • 1 business and life audit to plan your prosperity 

2 x weekly 10:00 AM sessions
4 x monthly 5:00 PM calls

*Weekly accountability email progress tracker worksheet & journal prompt.




$75 / 1 hr group lesson

$225 / month – 1 hr group lesson, 1 day per week

$420 / month – 1 hr group lesson, 2 days per week

Mon – Wed 5pm – 6pm
Thu – Fri 6pm – 7pm

*Join the group, and find your tribe. Our most popular offering amongst the models and actors. Get on our casting list.

Artist & Creatives Coaching

This is going pro for artists. Move way beyond the starving artist, and into a full schedule, full pockets, aligned opportunity artist living their craft. 

This is a quarterly, half or full-year commitment to stepping into your chosen life path.

Master your discipline, master your life.

Pineapples Are Forever Branding Primer

In this 3 session package, we spend 90 minutes each period working on a concise branding identity that inspires solutions to your client’s most pressing issues. You leave with your target customer knowing exactly who you are, looking to you as their expert, and having a plan to keep it up and keep it consistent. 




Three Tuesday evening sessionsover four weeks time. 


Tuesday’s 6:00 -8:30 PM

kind words from Past Students

Personally, the times that I have worked with pinnaplehousemedia has been amazing! Great vibes, creativity and mind set from all! Is always a pleasure being able to deliver the best quality on my part for them! Pretty sure first God that we will be making more for you! Success always to you!

Great people, and they really know how to put your best out there. They will make you look good.

Ready To Grow?

Book a Call Today.

If you’re not quite sure where you are, or where you want to go- you can begin with a power-house propellant session. 

On this 60-minute call, you’ll walk away with more than enough propellant to lift you off the launch pad and get your rocket airborne.