We got together with local San Antonio artist InrCty, to create a new pineapple tufted rug for our studio space.

A tufted rug is a rug that is made by hand.

The stencil is stretched on a frame, and the maker using a tufting gun, passes yarn through the stretched fabric. It takes a high level of craftsmanship to make elaborate ideas come to life.

Something of a Tik Tok trend at one time, the tufted rugs really have a way of growing on you over time as you see their range.

The tufting gun is an easy enough tool to pick up and start practising with right away, and artists that put in the time have really come away with some amazing creations.

A pineapple tufted rug in the logo of creative agency Pineapple House Platforms. 

Rug artist: @InrCty
Pineapple tufted rug by artist @inrcty in the logo of Pineapple House Platforms creative agency. https://www.instagram.com/inrcty

A bit of the pineapple tufted rug process…

Step inside the Product Research Labs…

Stepping into the Product Research Labs, and peeking into the world of San Antonio artist Inrcty was a cool experience.

Once meeting Joalyx, and seeing some of his previous fashion lines, plus with his interest in a wide-range of things put our minds at ease.

We then knew that we choose someone that would really pull this off.

After initially brainstorming together and deciding upon a four (4) ft. pineapple tufted rug, Joalyx set about to making a prototype run, to become better acquainted with his tufting gun.

Our current logo is a pineapple with a door open to a cosmic space portal, and on the first run we played with the yarns available in the studio and opted for a pink and purple design, with the optional ooze pattern coming from the base of the pineapple. That ooze really felt like how mutations work with the classic Bored Ape NFT characters. Just a little extra fun.

In the early stages we hung around the studio talking about travel and living as an artist constantly creating something new to stay curious, and stay active. This was a super fun project and it was an opportunity to check out a bunch of cool creative rug designs from other artists the world over.


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Tufted rugs were hype for awhile… even done in different sizes, and some made with hanging in mind.