San Antonio murals

San Antonio Murals, and mural culture caught my eye, right when I moved to San Antonio a little over six years ago.

At the time I moved into the near West side, on El Paso.

This evening I attended a community input meeting with the San Antonio Cultural Arts team of artists, member staff, and others from UTSA, who hosted the event.

Volunteers came together to meet the lead artist for an upcoming mural project, to discuss design ideas, and to listen to feedback from those present, including some community members. 

As a creative, and a member of a nonprofit, it provided an appropriate backdrop to learn more of what it takes to bring large-scale public-private arts to life.

I am grateful that SACA have been trail blazers in recognizing artists and their ability to story tell culture, and ways of life in an area. 

Learn about Pineapple House Platforms, here.

San Anto Cultural Arts is a San Antonio, TX nonprofit founded in 1993 with the mission to foster human and community development through community-based arts. A focus on art through community engagement led to the creation of our community-based arts programs: the Community Mural Program, the El Placazo Community Newspaper, and the After School Arts Program (ASAP). These dynamic programs engage residents and foster the talents of youth by educating them on the history and techniques of public art while documenting and preserving the rich history and heritage of San Antonio’s Westside. 

See the murals…

San Antonio murals

“Life on Culebra Rd.”

“Life on Culebra Rd.” Mural #60 Location: 4140 Culebra Rd. Lead Artist: Crystal Tamez Completed: November 2019