San Antonio Music Festival

Looking for a San Antonio Music Festival?

Come out to Elementz Fest San Antonio, November 2nd, 2019.

Elementz Fest is San Antonio’s first sustainable music and arts festival.

Come out Saturday, November 2nd, for a great San Antonio Music Festival.

What Makes Us Different?

We celebrate artists!

Artist advocates first- we are the house if you’re looking to work with artists in your business, or if you are an artist looking to grow your business.

Events, creative consulting, music and promo videos, makeup, web services, encouragement. 






Pineapple House Platforms is our creative hub- a San Antonio based creative agency.

We coach artists and small business owners to growth in their space.

Founded by artists, we are available as creative consultants for your next event, brand campaign, talent search, and more.

Our media team will help with your social media marketing campaigns and any copywriting needs.

Beauty team will assist you in all event hairstyling and makeup looks. We love music videos, fashion in publication and runway shows, sustainable living, music festivals, and nature.


Please see our work online and on IG @pineapplehouse_platforms, @pineapplehouse_beauty…


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Be a pineapple. Stand tall. Wear your crown. Be sweet on the inside.