Six traits successful artists share-Which traits do YOU share?

By: Brandon Vondera  Last updated: 20 September 2023

Curious if you have what it takes to be an ARTIST?

Six successful artist traits-Which traits do YOU share?
Six Traits successful artists share

Read these SIX Traits that successful artists have in common. 

A community.

Here’s the first of, six successful artist traits. 

Let’s face it. Nobody arts alone. I mean, sure many artists love the solitude that a quiet studio provides, or dips away into a dungy basement to come up with some new guitar riffs, or famously stays in their bedroom for five summers to perfect their beats- but art is largely not a solo venture. 

Along the way you will need other people, the first of them being customers- or patrons of your art. We did say this was a list of traits shared by successful artists. And the successful artists we know make money. They eat meals, and buy clothes, and travel to exotic beaches to drink margaritas and dance through warm summer nights. 

Each of those things cost money. So at the minimum you are going to have to earn enough income to support yourself, your desires, and if you have loved ones- let these traits be something that propel you to that type of financial freedom that enables you to truly feed your family from your artistic creations. 

A community, or communities will be necessary for that endeavor to be a success. What communities are you already a part of? Can you think of a few communities you may wish to join to empower your arts journey?

Artists, being other people that understand the struggles that coexist with creating things they love, then sharing them with the world, and also wanting to live in the world, are oftentimes amazing supporters of other artists. Finding your artist community should be top of mind if you wish to succeed as an artist. 

A disciplined practice.

This is where the author Steven Pressfield, writer of the book, ‘The War of Art‘ encourages you to find out who you are already, and become it. 

He famously speaks on the differences between professionals and ameatuers. The moment the artist or entrepreneur turns pro is as epical as the birth of his first child, he opines.  

Pressfield continues sharing his ideas on how professionals play for keeps, it’s her vocation. Even though the word ametur is rooted in the Latin word for ‘lover’, the real love is that which is displayed by a professional. That is one who does what is important first. One that understand their work is as important as the cheetah’s job of finding his meal for the day. 

The professional artists have the courage to show up to their work day-after-day. The professional artist practices a craft, and takes it seriously. That’s not to say that they must take themselves too seriously. An artist will have many more fulfilling days if they can find that balance of taking their work serious, and themselves with a grain of salt. 

An artist that can laugh at themselves, will find the beauty in their work more easily than most. 

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. 

Find your discipline, and practice it daily. This is your FREEDOM as an artist.


Self-confidence is true fuel for an artist. 

A successful artist is a master of understanding that they are not their art, they are an amazing being on their own. Their art is something that they do. And they do put their best into their work every day. The benefit of doing that work daily is that they grow in confidence every day. 

The validation that you get from putting your work out into the world each day is invaluable. It is a vulnerable act to share your work publicly. And it is only in the arena that you can take the blows, and have the feedback that is necessary to push you further. 

Getting things done builds confidence. So the more you do, the more opportunity you have to feel the little stairs lifting your internal levels of self-assurance. 

Stop worrying about what others think about you. Get things done. Follow through on your word. 

And, finally do more of what you love. Each of these things will lead you to becoming really and truly confident. 


In reading six traits successful artists share, the artist will have to come to terms with the occasional failure. 

Recognize the reality of failure. A baker makes plenty of unleavened cakes that fail to rise before they get their first order for a seven-tiered wedding cake. 

Each time you press through the bad you arrive an inch closer to the good. We learn more from our failures than we do from our successes. 

Thomas Edison, the inventor of the lightbulb, encountered 1,000 failed attempts before creating the prototype of our modern lightbulb. Edison changed the world. And every attempt along the way was world-changing as you see it in hindsight. 

You have got to accept that your failures will pave the road to your success. Failure is okay, and it is merely a part of the process. A part of YOUR process. 

When you learn things along the way, you also become empowered to help others. And helping others is also one of the surest ways to master your works. 

So embrace failure as a natural part of your journey. 

Six traits successful artists share

A website.

In the Common Era, we are living in the 21st Century, or the New Media Age- a website is quite necessary for an artist to look and show up professionally in today’s age. 

Not only does the website lend credibiliyty to your art, but it acts as an information providing polatform for those who want to find out more about you, and what you are creating for the world. 

Your website is also an area where you will seek to learn and grow by what your competitiors are doing with their websites. This digital landscape will have a great task i=of informing you on many other business practices that you may or may not have been paying attention to that will siginficantly grow your arts. 

Having a website connects you to the world, and most importantly your fans, the patrons that will be purchasing your art and sustaining your growth to create again each day. 

Your website will help you build trust with your audience, and it is the place where you can pen a blog or share other updates with your fans. Having a web presence also allows you to leverage your other social networks. 


No, not the loose particles or small stone in the bottom of your shoe. The grit we speak of here is resolve, that strength of character that allows you to move forward no matter the circumstances. 

A successful artist doesn’t allow anything outside of herself to take her off her game. Nothing stands in her way except whatever she allows. 

Grit, resilience, perseverance, however you want to call it, the successful artists takes great pains to create her own reality. It is your own determination that will have you showing up each day through rain, and pain, and persecution. 

But being in the arena, showing up and doing the work is the real work. And work gets you paid, and noticed, and appreciated. To be successful you will do what they aren’t willing to do themselves. 

What is the one thing that you will be a professional at? Who will you need to surround yourself with to be your best?

What will you have to overcome to keep moving one step in front of the other?

As long as you develop the positive mindset necessary to always keep creating, the breaks will come, the opportunities will arise, and the tide will turn- you will become a successful artist. 

Remember, successful artists are constantly developing, and always a work in progress. 

That’s it. That’s SIX!

Six traits successful artists share-Which traits do YOU share?

There a million and one ways to find your way to the top of your own mountain. And the truth is, that it will be up to YOU to endure that climb. 

The six traits listed above are just a drop in the bucket of essential qualities shared by many of the artists that you look up to today as being successful. 

Of course, it is for each and every one of us to determine what success means to us, and what we are willing to sacrifice to achieve it. 

Have you reflected on which of these six traits you have in common with the successful artist? I bet it’s a few already maybe most if you are the type to read posts like this, and are always looking for ways to improve your craft, improve your techniques, and improve your art and life overall. 

Do you have any more that you would add? Put them in the comments below. 

Have fun now. And remember to keep creating every day. you are well on your way. 

I believe in you, and I believe that YOU will be a successful artist. Keep growing. 

Thanks for reading, six traits successful artists share-Which traits do YOU share?

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