Skin Styled.

See model Mae Coleman dazzle in the December 2020 issue #18, Glamour Time, in Edith Magazine.

We were motivated to create a photographic art session featuring how feminine skin can be styled.

Whether it be jewelry, clothes, makeup, accessories, or styling- it all contributes to the overall style and beauty of a woman.

Captured by the always amazing Brian Martin of Studio Capture  photography, with the assistance of Elizabeth Rosselot Wilkinson as wardrobe stylist, hairstylist Esmeralda Torres, Stephanie Eiland makeup artist, and of course Mae Coleman again, our model. 

This is one of a few creative collaborations between photographer Brian Martin and Stephanie Eiland. 

Witnessing them cull the captured images into what makes the editorials, and what gets shared is always a fun time. 

Each collaborator lobbying on the merits of what makes each picture so great next to another. 

In addition to her role as a makeup artist, Stephanie has taken on creative director duties in many of the pair’s collaborations. 




Skin Styled, Edith Glamour Magazine, Issue 18 Glamour Time



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