Most smiles per hour, all week!

How do creatives unwind?

For me, following the lead of a fb post from a local DJ friend, and a quick walk to Armadillo Boulders, 1119 Camden St, and I was whisked into an amazing world.Big walls with brightly colored rock holds, large black mats to catch you when you fall from said holds, a pocket gym, hidden yoga room, a training cave with fingerboard, and a pro-style counter where you gear up, or in my case, grab a pre-climb, on-tap Element kombucha.First off, thank you Rick Lara, for putting out the call. Thank you TC and crew at Armadillo, and thank you Alamo City for waking back up and bringing bouldering back to town.Apparently back-in-the-day, before my time, there was a happening climbing gym that had a nice community.Speaking of such, in just over an hour in which I caught myself smiling countless times, there was a great feel of community.

Men, women, even a few groms on the wall, encouraging, fist-bumping, offering ideas on the ever elusive next foot hold.

This was a place to have a good time.

After a long day in the brain meeting with mentors, answering emails, dealing with life stuff, and knocking out those errands that just need running – the slower pace, and chill vibes of fellow climbers and staff alike was so welcoming. Great place.

For those new to climbing, the gym seems to offer classes for all ages & some pop-up seasions where you may ‘conquer your color’ or get help busting that project you are set on.

As per price, I spent just under $26 and got to climb, use a pair of those tight-fitting, rubber-covered climbing shoes, and that Element kombuch.

The monthly pass if I remember correctly was around $70 bucks, they offered discounts the more people you signed up, and remember they offer the gym and yoga with that, and I caught a flyer mentioning members-only early morning hours for the wake and, well climb set.

Pregame breathing exercises highly encouraged, though this place elevates the spirit nicely.