The 8 best modeling agencies in San Antonio

Here is a full list of modeling agencies in San Antonio.

The 8 best modeling agencies in San Antonio.

With a population of over 1.53 million people, San Antonio is the seventh-largest city in the United States.

Though it doesn’t garner the same fashion prestige as Berlin, Tokyo, Madrid, or New York, it is an up-and-comer with its emphasis on film and TV studio development.

This has led to an influx of designers and artists hosting fashion shows, and staking claim in what many desire to become the Third Coast Hollywood.

Texas is also home to famous models like; Jerry Hall, Chandra North, Lorri Baggley, Dakota Johnson, and Farrah Fawcett to name a few.

Superstars like Selena and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter also hailed from The Lone Star State and continue to inspire new generations of aspiring models and performers.

The 8 best modeling agencies in San Antonio

Originating from the Middle French term ‘modelle’, modeling is a concept that began with people posing for paintings and portraits. In the 1990’s the world came to know SuperModels like Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford.

Today there are several types of modeling including swimsuit modeling, catalog, lingerie, fit, plus-size, mature modeling, freelance modeling, lifestyle modeling, and more.

The world is truly your oyster if you desire to set out on a path of deciding what kind of model you’d like to be.

In today’s modern information era, it is true that many models have become overnight sensations from the assistance of social media, and developing large followings of their own.

For most models, however, especially in their early careers, the help of a modeling agency is unrivaled in the speed and trajectory of their career growth desires.

After gathering information on the top-rated, and talked about modeling agencies in San Antonio, you can be on your way to finding representation and walking the path of your fashion goals.

Keep reading to find the 8 best modeling agencies in San Antonio.

Top Modeling Agencies in San Antonio

1. Entourage Model & Talent Agency

Location: 501 Congress Ave, Suite#150 Austin, TX, 78701

Phone: 210-733-5007

Actually founded in nearby Austin, TX in 1988, Entourage Model & Talent Agency is a full-service modeling and acting agency. Their listed talent credits range from global brands like Nike and Coca-Cola to local attorneys that loom just as large in Texas, where everything is bigger.

2. Lari Nelson Fashion Group

Location: 4522 Fredricksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX, 78201 Suite #B79 2nd floor above the food court next to the elevator.

Phone: 210-685-1520

Known as a mother agent, The Agency, run by Lari Nelson successfully coached the modeling career of her daughter Jodi, including a win in the Miss Texas Teen pageant, and now offers guidance to many more models in the business of fashion and pageantry.

3. Condra Artista Talent Agency

Location: 8533 Fairhaven St, San Antonio, TX, 78229

Phone: 210-492-9927

Condra Artista provides imaging, development, placement, and marketing services for actors, models, and voiceover talent.

4. Pineapple House Platforms Creative Agency

Location: 1415 E. Highland Blvd., San Antonio, TX, 78210

Phone: 210-739-3065

Pineapple House Platforms is a boutique creative agency offering artist development, coaching, mentoring, headshot photography, music videos, and marketing for models, actors, and performers in South Texas. Pineapple House has a full-service media and marketing team, Pineapple House Media, and is a great agency for those coming back to the arts after careers in other fields. A wonderful team to help you pursue your dreams.

5. Rome Talent

Location: 12002 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX, 78250

Phone: 210-859-1314

Rome Talent Agency connects models and actors with opportunities in Film/Video, Commercial and TV, and promo modeling.

6. Luxe Loft Model Agency

Location: 4218 Centergate St, San Antonio, TX, 78217

Phone: 210-773-3878

A membership organization, Luxe Loft Model Agency acts as a mother agency, connecting developing models with placement in the top agencies worldwide.

7. The Block Agency

Location: 111 Congress Ave, Austin, TX, 78704

Phone: 615-943-2724

The Block Agency is based in Nashville, TN, and has sprung up an office in Austin, TX a SAG franchised modeling and talent agency.

8. Kim Dawson Agency (Dallas)

Location: 1645 N Stemmons Freeway, Suite B, Dallas, TX, 75207

Phone: 214-638-2414

Kim Dawson Agency in Dallas, about a 4-hour drive north of San Antonio is home to models, on-camera talent, voiceover artists, and a notch of local influencers sharing to their social media audiences.

Are you a working model? Have you worked with any of these agencies in San Antonio, and South Texas? Share your experiences with us on social @pineapplehouse_platforms.

Even if you are new to modeling, submitting images and applying to work with modeling agencies will boost your chances of being discovered, and you will have the opportunity to meet with many other models, photographers, fashion show producers, scouts, and more along the way.

Consider this a great place to begin on your search for the right modeling agency match for you. Determine what type of modeling you would like to participate in, what your strengths and limitations are, and start meeting people. You dreams are limitless, and so are YOU!

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