The Living Circus,

A Mads Media Film,

Pineapple House Platforms presents:

In association with The Imaginarium Wonder Emporium,

The Living Circus

Written and Directed by: K. Day Gomez

Actor Melvin Obregon as the Ring Leader in ‘The Living Circus’ written and directed by K. Day Gomez

The Imaginarium Wonder Emporium

The Imaginarium Wonder Emporium was originally founded as a toy shop + magic shop for curiosities of all vintage sort.  

A place where discarded toys came to be reimagined and given a second life.

Founded in 2017 by K. Day Gomez, The Imaginarium Wonder Emporium is the kind of place that encourages one to reinvent yourself as many times as needed to keep the wonder and whimsy alive, lighting that inner spark, and keeping evolving, growing, and dreaming.

A toy shop, or maybe, the greatest store on earth!

In ‘The Living Circus’, the toy shop comes to life.

Teaching us, to come to life, and to face life with renewed sense of wonder and awe at all the magical moments.

The Living Circus, a Mads Media Film, presented by: Pineapple House Platforms, In association with The Imaginarium Wonder Emporium

K. Day Gomez

When K. Day Gomez first approached Pineapple House Platforms, it was early in the year, and many artists were still reeling from the global pandemic, many without the gigs that are so crucial to freelance artists to support themselves.

Kat faced a similar predicament, and was eager to have some photos or marketing done to help her promote her whimsical items, and also in hopes that she could boost sales, as she hoped to soon open an Imaginarium brick-and-mortar shop.

How did it begin?

What began as an idea to host a styled shoot, something we oftentimes do to set the scene for new and emerging bridal trends, was to be done in this space to showcase everything that was The Imaginarium Wonder Emporium.

Another thing about this period, we knew there were an abundance of working artists with more than ample free time on their hands, and we naturally encouraged her to see just how much bigger this could be.

Ever the enthusiastic artist, Kat ran with our ideas, as we set about finding the most talented circus performers, dancers, and magicians in San Antonio to come together and create something special together.

What happened next was an amazing emergence of artists and friends that arrived to help bring Kat’s visions to life.

We found our cast and crew, we set about for filming, and then everything shipped on out to post-production. That part seemed like forever, however, in the end it was all worth it. 

A birthday celebration!

Just in time for Kat’s 40th birthday party, we set on back out to southtown for the short film screening party. With celebratory popcorn cupcakes with hollywood slate boards and film strips- we celebrated 40 in shimmering, sequined style. 

Lots of hugs, and congratulations to Kat for everything that came to be from her imagination. 

And for the Pineapple House crew, another artist we were able to help fulfill her creative goals. 

All-in-all Kat got a short film, and during the time of production was able to build up her website, where she placed for sale many of the costume pieces, clothes, and baubles from the Imaginarium Wonder Emporium collection. 

The Living Circus film still- featuring model Sam McCall, captured by Mads Media.

Performances by:

Filmed on location at the beautiful The Good Kind Southtown in San Antonio, Texas, USA. @eatgoodkind

by Madison Eiland @_madsmedia



To the cast and crew, thank you! 

Thank you each so much for selflessly giving of your time, energy, and love that you poured into your costumes, roles, and performances!! Y’all really came together, in the middle of a wild year, and created a short film about magic, and the wonderful people that make up the circus. 


Thank you to Event Ignition entertainment for rentals. 

Thank you to Tim McDiarmid and the entire staff of The Good Kind Southtown for their tremendous hospitality, food, and simple vibes! 

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