Welcome to Pineapple House Platforms.

We are a boutique creative agency, focused on living life sustainably, and in alignment with our highest vision.

Thus, our mission is to create daily, and to co-create the lives we live, using our platform to empower other freelance creatives to live their highest vision as well.

Pineapple House Platforms was established in 2017, and has served the San Antonio, and south Texas community since then.

By and large we are a team of professional freelance creative artists, and we work each day to advocate

Accordingly, please have a look around to see events, portfolio, contact, booking, and our Pineapple House Platforms blog.

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We offer beauty services; including professional hair and makeup for weddings, events, Film & TV, corporate clients, parties, and more.

Or, book our stylists to help curate the wardrobe for your next show, season, or personal wardrobe!

If you are looking for help with promotional videos, web design, branding photography, or any social media assistance- please seek out, and message the Pineapple House Media team.


Welcome to Pineapple House

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Please email us at: booking@pineapplehouseplatforms.com

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Thank you!

Be a pineapple. Stand tall. Wear your crown. Be sweet on the inside.

Pineapple House was founded with the intent on leveling-up artists, creatives, and small business owners. Helping them to achieve their highest aligned callings. 

Thus, we offer professional services to artists and small business owners, to help them to grow in their craft and businesses. 

The positive outcomes we achieve are more than financial- as many of the artists we work with experience true, long-lasting transformative growth after our time together. 

Pineapple House Platforms is a private, San Antonio based creative agency – fostering talent, serving clients, and advocating for a community of collaboration and mutual respect. 

In addition, we are proud to nurture relationships with artists, creatives, professionals, guilds, teams, brands, vendors, caches, community leaders, investors, elders, and visionaries to seed a universe of talented, and skilled humans harnassing creativity to achieving their wildest dream outcomes in business, art, and life.

We offer mentoring, artist development, profesional services in hair and makeup, web design, social media strategy & services, music videos, prmo video, photography, SEO, and event production. 

Dreamers. Doers. Simple humans striving for greatness, and having a lot of fun doing it. 

Peace. Love. Pineapples. 

Be a pineapple. Stand tall. Wear your crown. Be sweet on the inside.

Pineapple History

2017, Brandon Vondera and Stephanie Eiland co-founded Pineapple House Platforms as a creative agency to focus on serving artists.

We have added Madison full time, and a couple of interns to help us successfully elevate many artists profile or brands and to help them achieve successes in their arenas. 

In addition to our coaching and artist development, Pineapple House provides professional services in media, beauty, and purpose. 

Pineapple Vision

Pineapple House Platforms helps artists to transcend their personal limits, propelling them to transformative successes in their business and lives. 

We do this by listening, nurturing, and doing the work. 

Pineapple Mission

To help artists achieve their highest while keeping it the lightest. 

Pineapple Pillars

A focused vision, aligned with true values, aided by consistent effort leads to fulfilling success and abundance for our artists and ourselves. 

Pineapple Values

We listen. We nurture. We care. 

We practice the ethics we wish to be met with in the world and the marketplace. 

We work to be better each day, refining our vision, our services, our products and most importantly ourselves forever. 

Be a pineapple. 

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