What is Pineapple House Platforms?

First, Pineapple House is a magical group of creatives that uses creative strategies to help you achieve your goals.  

Therefore as a team of creative professionals we will handle all of your:

  • Client Communication
  • Project Management
  • On-boarding
  • Off-boarding
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting
  • and even the monthly client meetings!!

Further, think of us as your white-label creative team!


Now we offer full-service integrated promotional campaigns with social media, traditional print, and offline event components. 

Also, we offer branding, logos, and web design. 

And traditionally, we have always done this first for freelance creative artists. 

In addition, we enjoy the projects we do for brands and corporate clients; however, as artists first- we will always love being the agency that advocates for the artists. 

Thus we achieve this through empowering artists with paying work, and also through artist mentoring and development. 

Accordingly, with each new project we are able to place more creatives with meaningful work while delivering consistently superb results.


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Watch: ‘The Living Circus’, a short film produced by Pineapple House for a client, The Imaginarium Wonder Emporium. 

Now, find out more about us, and what kind of services we offer!!

Secondly, at Pineapple House Platforms we believe in creating every day- or at least on the days, you don’t need rest!

And, since we got a big part of our start in weddings- namely hair and makeup for brides- we take a lot of pride in what we are able to offer to brides and bridal parties.

Furthermore, over the past 15 years of serving clients here in San Antonio, and South Texas we have established ourselves, and our Pineapple House Beauty team as a top-tier professional hair and makeup group.

Additionally, Pineapple House Beauty can also get you ready for your bridal portrait session, boudoir photos, and engagement photos with high-quality, photo-ready makeup.

In addition to weddings, our HMUAs are available for FILM and TV, corporate clients, music videos, and makeup lessons

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In sum, with half of our founding, being rooted in music, and the music business, events, touring, and booking- that’s where we put our skills to use educating, mentoring, and finding opportunities for other artists to advance through the path of their own careers. 

Oftentimes, the journey for the artists is the kind of lesson where you test first, and learn the lesson later. 

Artist vulnerabilities…

Thus, the artist shares his or her vulnerabilities with the world, thus allowing us to hear and be heard, to heal and be healed through the sharing of stories.

The stories of struggle, ease, surrender, loyalty, new ideas, and bridging gaps, and more. 

Critically, as artists ourselves, we were acutely aware of many of the pitfalls that may become of us if we are not careful. 

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